Arizona Rollergirls


Mesa's All-Girl Flat Track
Roller Derby League

Mesa's All-Girl Flat Track Roller Derby League

How do I join?

The Girls of AZRG

Are you brave enough to become a new Arizona Rollergirl? If so, the AZRG accepts skaters of all ability, size and experience. Haven’t skated since you were 10? That’s okay! Our trainers are dedicated to make you into the best skater you can be. The only requirement is time and dedication.

The main focus of the Arizona Rollergirls is less about competition and more about fun. There are no set teams, instead players are divided up just before each bout.

how does it work?

The Girls of AZRG

When becoming an Arizona Rollergirl you will enter a 12 week boot camp and earn the title of “New blood”. During the first 8 weeks you will learn the basics of roller derby. This covers our rules, skating techniques and basic skater safety.

After 8 weeks you will be tested on what you’ve learned. Passing will earn you the title of “New Blood Advance”. You will then begin scrimmaging with the pack and learn what it feels like to be in the game.

The Arizona Rollergirls is dedicated to safety. You will have a trainer with you every step of the way, and once they’re confident in your skating ability you will graduate from the New Blood Advance stage and be ready to bout in official games.

What does it cost?

The Girls of AZRG


Veterans: $35
New Blood: $40

Skaters dues are due the Friday before the next bout and are considered late if not paid by the day of the bout.

I want to Enroll

The Girls of AZRG

We're excited that you want to skate with us.

Simply fill out the form below to apply and submit your enrollment fees and we can get started.

Already a member of AZRG? No problem, you can pay your dues here too. Just select "No, I'm just here to pay my dues." under the question "Are you new to Arizona Rollergirls?"

Don't want to use PayPal? No problem, just download our new blood application here.

If you're still not sure and want to learn more then come to the meet and greet on August 11th at 5:00 pm. You can meet the other skaters, learn what it takes to roll with us, and have a great time too.

Where to find us

Broadway Recreation Center

59 E. Broadway Rd. (Broadway & Center) 
Mesa, AZ 85210 

Broadway Rec Center
Broadway Rec Center